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Precision planning is essential for safe and secure events! Join the many Cities, Counties, and Event Organizers that have received this important and valuable training. Enroll now, as space is limited and classes tend to fill early!

Comments From Recent Course Participants

Provided a great balance of information as it relates to law enforcement, civilian staff and other event personnel.

– Lieutenant, San Bernardino County Sheriffs

Your training definitely provides immediate benefit for anyone working in or around any special event. I was pleasantly surprised how on point your training is.

– Director, Corporate Security; Western Executive Protection

Very well organized with a lot of good resource material for future reference.

– Risk Manager, City of Palm Springs

Getting to see the different perspectives of non law enforcement people is what i liked best.

– Sergeant, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department

– Program Manager, City of Stockton


Your class is great! The training staff has lots of experience and expertise on special event topics that we use daily. I will keep sending people your way!

– Special Event Permitting, City of Newport Beach

The class and instructors are outstanding and well-organized!

– Community Service Officer, San Diego Police Department

This is a very practical course – long overdue. This is perhaps the best course i have ever taken in 26 years of classes. Well thought out program.

– Lieutenant, Livermore Police

This course gave a well balanced overview of events planning from inception to completion.

– Special Events and Promotions Coordinator, City of Fremont

Excellent use of real life events for training examples.

– Sergeant, California State University Police

The book is very well done!

– Field Operations, Partner’s Security Management

– Lieutenant, China Lake Police Department

The knowledge of the instructors as well as the materials handed out was excellent.

– Community Service Officer, San Diego Police Department

Attending an actual event and conducting a practical exercise was excellent. The use of the digital cameras is a great idea!

– Commander, Palm Springs Police Department

The legal update regarding special events and police liability issues was great!

– Sergeant, Stockton Police Department

Well organized. It was nice to get in the field to see how an event works.

– Commander, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

– Sergeant, Palm Springs Police Department

Practical exercises were excellent. Great use of powerpoint presentations. Course notebook was very well prepared and informative.

– Lieutenant, San Diego Police Department

– Lieutenant, Marana, Arizona Police Department

Information sharing, well organized, excellent workbook, very well put together entire program.

– Events Coordinator, City of Palm Springs

– Sergeant, Reno, Nevada Police Department


– Park and Recreation Manager, City of Palm Springs

– Lieutenant, Pasadena Police Department

– Lieutenant, Brentwood Police Department