We Travel To You

We Travel To You

Special Event Safety Seminar Brought to You

Many attendees of our Special Event Safety Seminar have expressed the importance of involving other stakeholders and event planners from their respective and neighboring cities to attend this class. This ensures that everyone is aligned in their efforts to provide safe and secure events while minimizing the risk of liability. Their options have been: 1) send a limited number to our class or 2) we bring our class to you. Attendees would include City Representatives, Police, Fire, Life Safety, Park and Recreation personnel, Risk Managers, Security Personnel, Event Organizers, volunteer coordinators, and other relevant and responsible parties. We wholeheartedly agree and have developed a specialized two-day training seminar tailored specifically for your regional needs.

Benefits of On-Site Training in Your City:  

  • Convenience: Eliminates the need for travel, saves time and eliminates logistical challenges associated with off-site out of town training.
  • Team Building: Promotes stronger working relationships amongst stakeholders, fostering better teamwork and coordination of action plans during special events.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Hosting the seminar locally eliminates individual travel expenses, resulting in significant cost savings. Training a larger group becomes more affordable (see Cost Savings example below).

Making It Happen: – To host our Special Event Safety Seminar in your city, contact us to discuss your requirements and availability. We will work closely with you to customize the seminar according to your needs and schedule. Our experienced instructors will travel to your location, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all attendees.

Your Responsibilities: As the Host Agency, it is your responsibility to provide the attendees/students for the seminar. You will also provide the venue/meeting room, as well as the projection screen & projector or large TV monitor, and sound system.

Our Responsibilities: We will provide experienced special event instructors to deliver a comprehensive two-day training seminar to your team. Each attendee will be provided a book containing our presentations.

Cost Savings: Sending one person to our 2.5 day seminar in San Diego or Fort Lauderdale incurs expenses totaling over $2,000 per person which includes tuition, flights, hotel for three nights, per diem, and ground transportation. Additionally, it requires additional days off for travel time. When we come to you, we tailor this program to two days; will train up to 50 people per session, at the approximate cost of sending 14 people to us.

Funding Ideas: Throughout the years, we have seen numerous ways host agencies fund this seminar. It ranges from the host agency funding 100%, to sharing the costs with internal departments (Park and Recreation for example), to sharing the costs with outside agencies. Additionally, there is Grant Funding available that supports public safety training at special events and mass gatherings.

Getting Started: The representative from the host agency should contact Mark Dallezotte, Director of Special Event Safety Seminars at Mark@SpecialEventSafety.com to initiate the process. We look forward to hearing from you!